So this is Michael R Forrester’s ramblings and rants page.  Here you can find the Machiavellian thoughts, twists, and turns that occur in the mind of a paradoxical lover of technology, people, nature, and change.   I am an educator,  an evangelist of Dev-ops, a tracker of Nature, a lay Botanist, an explorer of the human psyche and the unusual and overall a compassionate and kind human being (except in Atlanta traffic! forget that it will be the last thing I overcome).

Companies don’t fail because of technology. They rise and fall on the quality and frequency of the communication and culture that is created from that communication whether it is tweet’ed, im’ed verbalized, body “languaged”, “Confluenced”, Wiki’ed, or texted.

If you want to see a short video of what I am all about please go to https://tinyurl.com/HumanAndTech

I have seen company after company fail due to misalignment particularly with technology teams which is the last mile to deliver what a customer truly wants in any business. The outcome here is working software available for consumption by end-users that meets all standards around compliance, velocity, and scalability that are aligned to the customer and business needs. I do that exactly that. I lead and create technology cultures that work and generate blissfully and consistently so that they can deliver software better, faster, smarter, and with visibility and transparency back to the business.

If you are looking for a recovering technologist who is now an engineer of empowerment to the end-user, an evangelist of taking care of every person in a company, and a leader who listens and creates other leaders, then you want to talk to me. I am Michael Forrester, your somewhat unorthodox yet effective guide towards creating rebirth in your company’s technology culture. Whether it is rolling out a whole new technology team for delivery, training the uber-nerds on cloud, containers, or micro-services or coaching others on how to effectively inspire the important geeks and engineers in your organization, I have something for you and your company.

Repeat after me…. Forrester is about People, Business Value, Coaching, Communication, Empowerment, and Leadership.

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