The Power of Diversity

Recently my thoughts have been wondering about challenging that which I “know” or the patterns that I “expect”.   This was driven by a conversation at my relatively new job that started with “But this is how we have always done it….”   I am a big fan of tradition as science seems to validate more and more that our grandparents had many things right.  But.. But.. I think we need to re-evaluate our patterns and our process frequently to ensure that we are optimizing, experiementing, and diversifying.  It works in nature.  It works in finance.  I can work in business.  With people, it makes everything stronger more adaptable, and more resilient.   To that end I think that Darwin would not emphasize survival of the fittest, but survival of the most diverse.


Technology is not always the answer

I hear this a lot.. if we only had this tool or this skill or this datastore or this program.   The issue is that we like tooling because tooling is easy.  We like buying technology because it is often consistent and automated and can solve issues that previously was done by people.  The answer always centers around people.   People who communicate what they need.  People who pay you for solving problems.  People who implement technology.  People who have the answers and perspectives that you need (diversity).   To that end, the answer is always the right kind of communication and the right kind of people.  The technology is ancillary not primary.

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Insanity Log – StarDate 2018.2.27

Its been two weeks since the annual food allotments were allocated to the Skeralian Operators.   Having been promised an increased allotment due to the great 2017 Q4 load crisis and the heroic efforts made to make it the most productive winter ever had for the International Oneness Nubian Evocation (NubE for short), it was quite a surprise that allotments were paltry.   The receptions of this was compared to singing “Let it Go” from a famous animated movie in 21st century Earth.

Discussions around allotments and how underfed the population was centered around phrases like “fuck’em.  Let’em die” and “Don’t they know the entire planet is struggling” .  This had led to an exodus of key clans from the planet of Sker such as the Crimson Killers, Ecstatic Sunders, Jam Butters, and Super Punks.

All of these clans are highly skilled and their loss will be felt keenly by the economy of Sker but particularly the Terra Optimus continent where most of the actual spaceships for the planet are built.   Without them I fear that spaceship production will drop precipitously.

The current Corporate Terra Overlord has made several promises to provide emergency food measures, but it comes too late as trust as been broken with the Operators and various clans.

To that end I will continue to drove solutions forward, but Terra Optimus will look vastly different in the coming months.


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