Kubernetes is still Hard (For Everyone)

I was recently reviewing kubernetes.io and saw an old article from last year about this..


No knock against the presenter because I thought there were some salient points.  In 2018, here is a point I would add… Kubernetes is still hard for everyone.   Especially Operations who has to manage, eat, scale, log, troubleshoot, govern, deploy, monitor, configure, provision, and manage.   Why are we talking about developers?   One thing I hear is that KOPS, oh KOPS can help get a stable HA’ed autoscaling environment in AWS in minutes.   Great.  That only solves a portion of the problem.   The easy stuff.  How are we going to do all the things I just mentioned?  Who is going to troubleshoot it when it is down?  How will you track performance to SLA?  I am not saying that there are not answers to the questions, but stop focusing on how K8s is hard for developers and figure out how to make it easier to operationalize.    Delivery of Apps AND the environments they live in is key.   That is why Dev, DevOps, and Operations exist.

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