Quickest way to break trust

Its about Trust

So… I have heard Simon Sinek talk about this.   I agreed with him.  I knew it was true from past experiences, but it had been a minute.   Just to confirm in case you were wondering… he was absolutely on the mark.  You want to wreck trust in your company? Lay some people off.  And do it with no warning, no notice, and please talk about it in the quarterly meeting with the entire company as if it is a boon for your financial profile.

I know.  I get it.  You are running a business.  You have bottom lines, budgets, projections, promises, and agreements that must be honored.  I know because I am in that room with you asking about the financials, helping with the c-level presentations, and doing the justification.  Running a business is hard.  I have failed at three personally and watched at least five others fail that were not mine.  The statistics of those who make it and those who don’t is astounding.

But just because you can doesn’t mean you should.

This is what happens in your org
Maybe you should care about trust

Is there another way?

What if you just let people attrition out?  What if you started firing those who weren’t carrying their weight instead of requiring groups with no dead weight to give some percentage of their people.  In the end, not only will you win good will by not wrecking the company and creating a culture of fear, but you will execute a transformation in an incremental and supportable way instead of a destructive way.

Sometimes you are in a corner and you have to do what you have to do, but if that is not the case…

Can you do it just a little different and get massively different results.  Because once that trust is gone; it is so hard to get back.

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